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Possibility of acceptance
Can I enter a customer’s assets? These stats show how hard it is to get in and what your odds are. 1 963 of 2 494 candidates or 79% were admitted to making the Auburn University of Montgomery A simple school, with a very good probability of acceptance in assuming that they meet the requirements. Academically, it has very simple requirements for the admission of test results. Auburn University in Montgomery generally accepts and attracts middle school students. Only 32% of the authorised students decided to register at school.
Total Women men
Application 1 694 800 2 494
Accepted 1 323 640 1 963
Acceptance rate 78% 80% 79%
386 234 620 Registered
Percentage of persons entered (entry) 29% 37% 32%
Calculating my chances

For managed
Obtaining information on admission and education
Scores you need to get
What are the requirements for SAT and act for students to be admitted to the University of Auburn in Montgomery and what points do you need to enter? The following tables describe the profile of the starting class case 2015.
Requirements of the law

The admission data indicate that the client’s assets are regularly accepted by the students with 19 or more acts. We believe that the minimum act made by the school is accepted by 17 in some cases. Potential students presenting an act of 21 or more should be in the top half of the candidates and students with a 23 and above have very competitive odds. The good rating on the law is very important since 94 percent of the candidates present the notes actually at Auburn University in Montgomery.
Sat requirements (new SAT)

The report indicates that the school regularly makes composite notes, up to 1000 on a scale of 1600, below which admission should be considered as refusal. We believe that some students with saturation testing could be accepted starting at 935. The estimated average of the SAT composite for the first year of entry is 1065 of 1600.4% of the candidates present SAT scores at the school. Note: The SAT scores presented on this page were corrected after March 2016 by the test tables to the top.
25. Score of percentage points 75. Score percentage points
Sat Composite 1000 1130
Sat Reading 490 560
Sam Math 510 570
Composite Act 19 23
Act lyrics English 19 25
Math Law 17 22
Estimation of the risk of acceptance by score

What do these notes mean?
Competitiveness. Admission Opportunities
23 and more well 86%
21-23 AVG + 79%-86%
19-21 AVG-69%-79%
17-19 reach 57%-69%
Less than 17 low < 57%
SAT score (new scale 1600) opportunities for competitiveness
1130 and more than 86%
1065 to 1130 AVG + 79%-86%
1000 to 1065 AVG-69%-79%
935 to 1000 reach 57%-69%
Less than 935 bas < 57%
Calculating my chances

For managed
Obtaining information on admission and education…
Estimated GPA requirements
You need the average secondary classes to come to Auburn University in Montgomery. The average GPA of the early high school class at Auburn University in Montgomery was 3.21 on the 4.0 scale, indicating that students are mostly B accepted and are visiting at the end. If your high school grades are above the GPA average of 3.21, you have a good chance of being allowed, accepting 79% of all applicants.

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